Get the most advanced Pro Tools,Logic Pro X, and Cubase Mixing Template available anywhere, allowing you to:

  • Start mixing in minutes with simple drag & drop channel assignment
  • Apply the same advanced mixing techniques used by today’s top mixers to your tracks
  • Model our studio’s vintage and boutique processing chains without buying any new equipment or plugins
  • Mix with 8 faders or less using our pre-programed VCA Faders and Track Groups (no matter how big your session is)

This is more than a simple mixing template

Along with the Rock Monster Mix Template, you also receive access to our private Facebook group, a detailed quick-start guide, and bonus access to a four part video course on preparing the perfect mix

The template package is a must have for any professional musician or aspiring music producer looking to achieve professional sounding mixes in their home studio.
Custom Plug-In Presets
  • Get access to the exact processing chains used within our own in-house template. We even replicated the curves and ballistics of our favorite vintage and boutique outboard gear directly into the plugins you already own!
  • Full templates and presets supplied for Waves SSL, Slate VMR, and Softube Console 1
  • Additional effects presets for Soundtoys, Eventide, iZotope, Valhalla DSP, PSP Audioware, Relab, UHE, Waves and more!
Rock Monster Community
  • Private Facebook Group: Get your most pressing questions answered quickly inside the Rock Monster Mixer. A Members-Only Private Facebook Group where you are able to interact with production professionals and Rock Monster owners – far away from the forum trolls and teenage know-it-alls…
  • Interactive Google Hangouts: Join the live discussion inside our Google Hangouts. Play you mixes, get critiques and production advice, and access to special live mixing tutorials from Matt Salazar and the professional Indie Rock Inc. studio staff.
  • We know making your way around a template this advanced can seem overwhelming, so we’ve included an easy to read, easy to use Quick-Start Guide. Follow the simple steps and you will be mixing in no time. We even included screenshots to help you locate and understand advanced elements of your software’s workflow. It really couldn’t be any easier.
Bonus: Mix Session Preparation Workshop
  • Learn how the pros prepare their mix sessions for success. We show you how to bring out the most in your drums, guitars, synthesizers, keyboards, and vocals before ever reaching for your first plug-in with this four-part video course.
  • A $49… Yours FREE with the Rock Monster Mix Template and Rock Monster Mix Bundle

“I’m using the Rock Monster Mix Template in all my recordings with great results, Thanks Matt”

Rock Monster Mix Template

“What you’ve created has been so extremely helpful. I have never found a preset to be of any use in my studio, but the way you have set this up, I really can’t see myself not using this as my go to starting point for every project I do.”

“I have to say I actually like the Indie Rock Inc. Rock Monster Mix Course and Mix templates. I am always looking to change up on how I route things in my DAW and I got some good ideas that actually ended up working for me. The Mixing template is neat and well laid out. The instructor for the Rock Mixing Course explains everything easily without being too technical. Overall I learned a few new mixing techniques that I can be happy about. Worth the money spent.”

“I am very impressed by the Indie Rock Inc. Rock Monster Mix Course and Mix Templates. I was very skeptical about DAW “templates” for mixing, but decided to give these a shot. The templates and video tutorials are very informative, fun to watch, and are well thought out. As a Cubase user it is nice to see a product that isn’t exclusively Pro Tools or Logic (though templates exist for those DAWs as well). Matt and the team are very responsive to questions on their Facebook group and via email. I have bought many tutorial videos and find the Rock Monster Mix Course to be very high quality. The templates really are icing on the cake and can be used straight up for mixing, for gaining a better understanding of your DAW, or as a starting point for your mix. Looking forward to their next product!”

“I’ve never been a ‘template’ guy, either the routing was horrible or they imposed a sonic signature that wasn’t part of what was in my head or in my productions. Matt and Indie Rock Inc.’s templates are great because the layout and routing is really well thought out, functional and doesn’t destroy your transients. They sound great without getting in your way and allow you to jump quickly from setup to the creative aspects of mixing. Well done, well done!”





Mixing Template
  • Access to all Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Cubase Templates
  • Access to all Waves SSL, Slate Digital VMR, and Softube Console 1 Templates
  • Advanced equalization, compression, harmonic and bussing techniques.
  • Custom plug-in presets
  • Pre-configured VCA Faders and Track Groups
  • Drag & drop audio setup
Also Includes:
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Interactive Google Hangouts
  • Mix Session Preparation Workshop (4 Module Video Course)

Hi, I’m Matt

I love producing music and developing artists. It is my one and only passion. I started recording music when I was 13 years old, and immediately after school moved to Los Angeles where for the past 14 years I have been a part of the professional music community.

Throughout that time I’ve had the chance to work in some of the greatest studios in the world, not to mention the outstanding musicians I’ve been able to record. Artists I’ve developed have been signed to imprints of Warner Bros. Records, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music. My own studio graced the cover of Mix Magazine twice and was awarded best in class in 2009. We went on to record or mix the orchestral score for T.V. shows like Lost, Fringe, and The Simpson’s as well as Films like the Academy Award nominated NINE. My artists have won the Hollywood Music Award for Best Performing Artist in both 2005 and 2006. And more recently a No. 2 position on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart (we developed that group in under 12 months).

For the past three years I have been researching and creating a system of mixing that would allow me to work anywhere, on any project, and quickly deliver an incredible sounding result. After thousands of hours of testing plugins, effect chains, and painstakingly-replicating our beloved vintage gear I discovered a system that beat out everything I had done in the past.

I now offer this work of mine to you as the Rock Monster Mix Template and Course. It’s an honor to join you on your journey to a successful music career.

See you inside,
Matt Salazar


Question: What If I’m Just Starting Out and Don’t Know About All This Advanced Mixing Stuff?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Along with access to this extremely powerful mixing template and video course, you also get access to the private Rock Monster Mixer Facebook Group and weekly live Google Hangouts. There you will find musicians at all levels to mastermind with. And of course I’ll be there too!

Question: Will The Template Work For My Ukulele-Fronted, Tropical House, Death Metal Band?

Yes! The template was designed to work with any instrumentation you want to throw at it. The template is reactive to what is being mixed through it. It accomplishes this through a combination of specific guidelines and broad stroke processing. This is all controlled with a simple adjustable user layout.

Question: Do I Need An Expensive Pro Tools HDX System, Computer, or Plug-ins?

No! Any recent version of Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, or Cubase is 100% compatible. Because the template was created to be as efficient as possible, you are able to access the powerful audio processing with a low CPU hit.

Question: What If It’s Not For Me?

A whole lot of hard work went into making this program a successful tool for you. It has been put through the acid test of our busy studio here at Indie Rock Inc. and we stand behind it with a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days after your purchase. If it’s not for you, just email us and you’ll get a complete refund.

Question: Dude, You Totally Didn’t Answer My Question!

No worries. Shoot an email over to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you.