Image of Indie Rock Inc Matt Salazar Producer

The Guy on the Controls

Hi, my name is Matt Salazar, and I’m the guy in charge at Indie Rock Inc. I’ve also been producing and mixing records here in Los Angeles for fifteen years. Throughout that time I’ve had the chance to work in some of the greatest recording studios in the world, not to mention the outstanding musicians I’ve been able to record. Artists I’ve developed have been signed to imprints of Warner Bros. Records, Universal Music Group, and Sony Music. My own studio graced the cover of Mix Magazine twice and was awarded best in class in 2009. The first artist I signed and developed over at In Flight Music Group hit No. 2 on Billboard’s New Big Sound chart.

Although the techniques involved in music production and mixing are obsessions of mine, I’m not here to “produce” or “mix” your song. I’m here to present your artistry in a way that catches the ears of new fans, promoters, bloggers, and industry professionals. If you don’t get butterflies the first time you listen to your new final mix, I don’t expect to get paid. I take you and your career seriously, I take your opinion seriously, and I take the art of music production seriously. Great music is the foundation of a great career, and I aim for greatness.

Jimmy Sweet

“I think we found our new soul savior. Working with Matt Salazar is a real pleasure. He’s got ‘Ears For Fears’. We are definitely doing our next project with him xxxx”

Jimmy Sweet
Vocalist/Guitarist - Lady Low
Svend Lerche

“Matt killed this mix! The mixing process with Matt Salazar was great and super easy with fast turnarounds on revisions to the mix and a slamming finished product.”

Svend Lerche
Drummer - Elektrik People, Katy Perry
Wendy Starland

“Working with Matt Salazar is always such a pleasure because he is proficient in so many areas. His warm personality makes the most difficult projects seem like a breeze.”

Wendy Starland
A&R - Lady Gaga
Jörg Hüttner

“Matt Salazar is an extraordinary engineer and producer with a level of professionalism second to none. The results of mixes I hired him for and productions we collaborated on are just stunning.”

Jörg Hüttner
Synth Programer - Batman Begins, Vantage Point, White House Down, 50 Shades Of Grey
Drew Taubenfeld

“I’ve recorded many projects with Matt Salazar, and every time I’ve really felt he’s done an outstanding job. I’m confident when I go back that the final product will be a record that sounds top notch”

Drew Taubenfeld
Guitarist - Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez
Chastity Ashley

“Matt Salazar’s unwillingness to deliver anything short of innovative has inspired me as a musician. His work ethic, professionalism and dedication to making truthful music is a model for what every producer should strive to be.”

Chastity Ashley
Vocalist - Duran Duran, Beauty In The Breakdown
Kim Planert

“The studio Matt Salazar has built is a musical spaceship and he really knows how to fly it.”

Kim Planert
Film Composer - Castle, Missing, Rush
Devin Bronson

“Matt Salazar is a mad scientist of killer tone! His attention to detail always makes for something really special in your finished track.”

Devin Bronson
Guitarist - Avril Lavigne
Christine Wu

“Matt Salazar’s approach is a perfect balance of creative decision making, musicianship, and focus; he gets it DONE. Using the best gear, his killer creative ear, and collaborative skill, he just goes for it. Matt always has FUN making music and everyone else does too!”

Christine Wu
Violinist - Bono, Justin Timberlake, Queen
Bruce Karlsson

“When I look for a studio to work out of, I’m looking for the energy that I need to be at my most creative. The studio Matt Salazar has put together has a vibe that makes it so easy to get to work and be at your best. Not to mention there’s pretty much every piece of gear or instrument you can think of to get creative with!”

Bruce Karlsson
2016 Grammy Nominee, Bad Royal (Mad Decent Records)
Robin Diaz

“Matt Salazar is one of those musical anomalies who brings something fresh, new and special to a project without being threatening or overbearing. He has the understanding and psychology to mold himself into an integral part of the band and they welcome his ideas with open arms! It’s all because everybody in the session gets along Matt. If there were more producers like him in this business, it would be a happier place!”

Robin Diaz
Drummer - Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman, Hinder, Chris Cornell
Ian Alexander

“I recently had the pleasure of working in the studio with Matt Salazar and I have to say it did not feel like work at all. My inspiration and creativity were able to flow consistently throughout the session, keeping momentum high. It’s no secret that there are a plethora of studios and producers that musicians can go to, especially in LA, but it’s his professional attitude and vision that sets Matt Salazar from the pack.”

Ian Alexander
Guitarist/Songwriter - Beauty In The Breakdown & Unset, Roland Endorsee

A Unique Recording Experience

Every artist, every song, and every session is unique, but expecting a personalized recording and mixing experience is universal. My professional staff, combined with a highly equipped, expertly tuned, and eloquently appointed recording studio, provide a home away from home for those who desire greatness in their recordings. From grammy nominees and awarded film composers to new artists on the scene, my relationships with clients are built on reliability, trust, and a desire to always put the artist’s recording experience as my first priority.

The Recording Studio You Wish You Had For Your Last Record

Why is it such a struggle to find an affordable recording studio with professionals you actually enjoy working with? I couldn’t tell you…

What I can do is make it extremely easy for you or your artists to access one of the world’s best production rooms, manned by highly experienced personnel, at an affordable rate.

Image of Indie Rock Inc Console

Custom-Built Console

The North Hollywood recording studio is centered around a custom 96 Channel 16 Bus analog mixing console featuring Solid State Logic, Rupert Neve, API components that deliverers enormous sonic weight to your recordings.

Image of Indie Rock Inc -outboard-gear

Vintage & Boutique Outboard Equipment

With 100+ channels of vintage and boutique analog outboard gear plus one of the most complete plugin collections around, the studio has the tools to deliver the best mix your songs have ever experienced.

Image of ampex-atr-102

High Performance Recording Capabilities

Recent versions of Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X, Cubase Pro, Ableton Live, and Reason are installed inside a new model Apple Mac Pro. Your music is always recorded at the highest quality via 64 channels of Avid HD I/O AD/DA converters.

Classic Microphones

Every artist’s voice is unique. Regardless of the tonality of your voice, you will be well represented by one of the recording studio’s wide variety of classic Neumann, Telefunken, A.K.G., Sony or boutique microphones.

Guitars, Amps, Synths, Effects

Take advantage of the numerous guitars, synthesizers, amplifiers, and effects to craft your sonic landscape. Ever wonder what a vintage Marshall Plexi Superlead would sound like on your next record? What about a polyphonic Moog analog synthesizer. It’s all here and waiting for you.

Drums, Drums, & More Drums

If there’s a drum sound that has made an impact on popular music in the past 80 years, it’s made available to you and your productions. From 1940’s Leedy, to 1960’s Ludwig, to 1980’s Gretsch, to 1990’s Sonar. They are all ready to provide the sonic foundation of your track.

Drum Studio of Dreams

We’ve partnered with renowned drummer Ryan Hoyle and his amazing sounding drum studio to offer you the best drum recording experience in the world. The perfect lineup of drums, microphones, and of course a gorgeous sounding room removes all limitations for you to achieve the drum sound you’ve been chasing your whole life.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The studio’s large production room is an inviting environment that enhances creativity and adapts quickly to songwriting, recording, or mixing. The ample creature comforts and convenient NoHo Arts district location make our studio the perfect home base for your next production.

The Best Musicians In The World

What’s having one of the greatest production rooms in the world worth if you don’t have a few great musicians to go along with it? Being a working studio in Los Angeles has allowed us to cross paths with some pretty talented folks. From drummers to orchestrators, we bring world class musicians to your recordings.


Full-Service Production

How would you like more press, more gigs, more fans, more engagement, and more income? Well, a great song with a great production is where it starts. Industry gatekeepers use your recordings as the first qualification to decide if they will work with you or just trash your submission.

If you’re not receiving opportunities, your recordings are just not good enough. It’s a lot easier for industry professionals to invest in you when it’s clear you’re willing to invest in yourself.

Matt Salazar specializes in artist development and has a long history of getting artists major record deals, film & t.v. placements, and his productions charting on Billboard. “A great recording is not just a track that sounds great through your speakers. A great recording is a vehicle that allows the artist to conquer hurdles and make their mark upon the world.” -Matt Salazar.

Image of console-api-550a

Pre-Production & Vision

Working together during the pre-production process allows for your artistic brilliance to shine through the speakers when the time comes to lay down your tracks in the studio. Special attention is paid to arrangement, instrumentation, and performance.

Recording Process

Your creativity will never be stifled by tracking studio hours or rushing you through the recording process. Whatever needs to be done, it’s going to happen. If that means it takes a little extra time and love, let’s do it. It’s your record and it deserves to be outstanding.

Mixing & Professional Mastering

The final step of the production process is handled with the utmost care and to the standard of technical excellence. Your music is mixed through a gorgeous sounding analog console along with 100+ channels of analog outboard gear and then mastered to perfection.

Mixing Service: It’s Not Just About A Mix

A great mix captures the attention of its listeners, adds validity to the artist, and separates the song from the nearly 27,000 songs released every week.

The reality is that 90.7% of artists go undiscovered.

Stand out in the sea of mediocrity by hiring Matt Salazar to give your music that extra excitement and clarity that grabs the listeners attention and gets your song reviewed, played, and licensed.

Imagine your next single receiving the full benefit of being mixed through Indie Rock Inc.’s custom analog console and extreme collection of vintage and boutique outboard gear.

Click the button below and schedule a free consultation to discuss your project with Matt Salazar!

Unlimited Track Counts 

Who wants to put a cap on their creative output? Whether your session contains only a single vocal accompanied by a few acoustic instruments or a massive production with 80 background vocals and a full orchestra, you’ll never be charged an additional fee.

Editing & Tuning 

Editing a performance to sound as if it was never edited at all is an artform in itself. Our production staff has years of experience editing tracks for some of the most popular artists in the industry. We know what it means to be tasteful and respect the Artist’s vision while at the same time creating a modern-sounding record.


To be certain your music is released to the world in all its glory our mixing service includes mastering by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwood (Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Three Days Grace, twenty one pilots,

Insanely Complete Mix Stems 

You never know where your song will end up. We want you to be covered for any future licensing deals (film, t.v., etc.) or remix opportunities that come your way. So, along with our industry standard stem deliverables, we send you our “MIX-MULTI” stem pack. It contains an audio file of every channel on the console. You are now able to remix, re-arrange, or re-image your completed mix anywhere, anytime.

Bonus In-Studio Video 

Video content is more important today than it ever was. Studies show great video content is a key driver of engagement. Well, at Indie Rock Inc. we’re all about giving our clients every opportunity to succeed. That’s why along with every mix, we send you a fully edited, ready to post, in-studio video. Discover what a great promotional tool and validator this behind the scenes footage can be.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your experience should be a phenomenal one. That’s why every mix that leaves our studio includes a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not happy with the way your mix turned out, you don’t pay.