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of the Most Advanced Drum Mixing Techniques Directly Into Your Home Studio

Compatible with Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Cubase

No new plugins or upgrades required!

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Our Rock Drum Mix Template Is Designed To Work For You...

Forget about purchasing new plugins. This FREE template takes advantage of the plugins bundled with Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Cubase - with dozens of our own personally-tuned presets.


Custom plug-in presets include advanced equalization, compression, and harmonic fattening... plus built-in parallel bus processing.


We even included a Quick-Start Guide that explains the step by step process to implement the template into your Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, or Cubase session.


Transform the sound of your drums in minutes instead of hours!


Don’t have an expensive new computer system? No problem, this FREE template is tuned to be CPU-friendly and works with any recent version of Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, and Cubase.

Tired of mixing mediocre drum sounds?


Get A Professional Drum Sound

Imagine being able to take your drum mixing to the next level without spending countless hours on setup, researching tips and tricks, or stifling your creative genius.


The Rock Drum Mix Template features cutting-edge techniques used daily by LA’s best mixers, as well as some secret techniques developed by our in-house team.


Stop running around in circles, trying to make sense of all the misleading information out there. Instead, take advantage of this tried and true platform and focus your creative energy on what’s important!

Hi, I'm Matt. I love producing music and developing artists. It’s my passion. Artists I’ve produced have been distributed by Warner Bros Records, Universal Music and Sony Music, (with a few making it to the Billboard charts). For the past three years I have been researching and creating a system of mixing that would allow me to work anywhere, on any project, and quickly deliver an incredible sounding result. After thousands of hours of testing plugins, effect chains, and painstakingly-replicating my favorite vintage and boutique gear, I developed a system that beat out everything I had done in the past. This FREE drum template is part of that system.

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